Snow and Ice Control for Parking Lots, Platforms and Sidewalks (SICOPS)
Snow and Ice Control for Parking Lots, Platforms, and Sidewalks (SICOPS) is a multi-year research project currently being undertaken by the iTSS Lab at the University of Waterloo. The primary goal of this project is to address the common question that faces every winter maintenance contractor: what are the right snow and ice control methods, materials, and amounts of material that should be applied under specific winter weather conditions? This website is dedicated to a NSERC Collaborative Research Development (CRD) project aimed at developing snow and ice control guidelines for parking lots and sidewalks. The industrial partners of this project include
Featured Video: SICOPS Actions at TRB Conference, Washington, DC

SICOPS at TRB Conference

Featured Video: Winter 2012-2013

SICOPS Action 2012-2013

Summer Activities' 2013

SICOPS Summer Actions 2013