The Team

Principal Investigator

  • Liping Fu: Dr. Fu is Professor of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of Waterloo. His research interests include intelligent transportation systems, traffic engineering, public transportation, winter road maintenance, and road safety. Dr. Fu has been working on winter road maintenance and traffic management problems for many years. His recent research projects related to winter road maintenance include evaluation of the effectiveness of alternative chemicals for pre-wetting (MTO), safety and mobility benefits of winter road maintenance (MTO/AURORA), evaluation of bio-based chemicals for anti-icing operations (Burlington/Oakville), and road surface condition monitoring and forecasting (MTO).

Project In-charge 
  • Kamal Hossain, PhD, PEng, PMP

Researcher Assistants
  • Michael Steward, Kylee McIntosh, Kathy Hui (Co-op students, Winter 2011)
  • Xuewen He, Borjas Husbun, Allyson Francis, Daniel Koetsier (Co-op Students, Winter 2012)
  • Roberto (Alex) Lake, Brenton Law, Chi-Yin (Ann) Lu, Avalon Olsen, Nikhil Ramburrun,
    Ruby Xie
    (Co-op students, Winter 2013)
  • Andrew Zandbergen, Marc Johnson, Kan Wang (Co-op students, Spring 2013)
  • Zane Lamb, Shahriar Kabir, Paolo San Gabriel, Matt Kitchen, Yuheng Fei, David Moscoe, (Co-op students, Winter 2014)
  • Shen D Li and Thomas Donnelly (Co-op students, Spring 2014)
  • Abraham Train (Co-op students, Fall 2014)
  • Raniel Chan, Michael McKague, Aman Bains, Natalia Koylass, Josh Yuan (Co-op students, Winter 2015) 
  • Tony Giovanni 

    (Executive Director, Landscape Ontario)

  • Robert Roszell (President, Road Equipment Links)
  • Phill Sexton (Director, SIMA)
  • Paul Johnson (President, OGRA)